(VIDEO) Ambassador of the Netherlands to Moldova on the benefits of joining the big European family

European integration offers Moldova to strengthen its political and economic relations, gain support for democratic reforms, and increase prosperity and stability in the region. It is a significant and complex path. But one with potential for the country’s future. Russia’s aggression in Ukraine has highlighted Moldova’s geopolitical importance. That’s the view of Fred Duijn, ambassador of the Netherlands to Moldova, who gave an exclusive interview to RLIVE TV.

“My feeling is that Moldova has always been European. We have a large and diverse continent, and at this stage in time, I think we are getting closer and closer. This year, we are celebrating the fact that the European Union has expanded by almost doubling the number of members about 20 years ago. So, we live in a time of change and opportunity. 

I believe a great opportunity has arisen for Moldova, albeit during significant geopolitical tensions. Russia’s aggression in Ukraine has inevitably drawn political attention to Moldova’s situation. In this context, it’s a double-edged sword. Nonetheless, Moldova’s recent attainment of candidate status presents a remarkable opportunity for the country and its people,” the ambassador said. 

The Netherlands supports Moldova on its path to European democracy, Fred Duijn added.


“At this stage, we want to make sure Moldova becomes a strong nation that can make its independent elections without interference from external influence. So that means we’re working in a couple of areas that are related to what we call resilience. The resilience of institutions, for example, in justice, is important. Another is cyber security. We are also working on energy security or energy efficiency. And we are also trying to make Moldova grow economically. It will take some time because to have strong institutions, you also need strong people, and these things have to come together to work, not just on paper, but in reality, so that people can see and feel that there is progress. But the support is coming and will continue to come,” the diplomat said. 

Asked about the Dutch experience and the benefits of joining the big European family, Fred Duijn said. 

“The Netherlands was a founding member. So, we initiated what has now become the European Union. And it was a process, I would say, of giving up sovereignty to gain sovereignty. So, the Netherlands became stronger because of joining the European Union. And it also had more opportunities economically.

The Netherlands, like Moldova, is surrounded by major economies like the UK, France, and Germany. They are significant economies. And if you want to succeed in the modern world, you need rules and regulations that are standardized, that are simplified, and modernized. So, the European Union is about democracy. Between 6 and 9 June, the citizens of the European Union will go to the elections and vote in the direction they think they should go”, concluded the ambassador of the Netherlands to Moldova.

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