Princess Margareta of Romania, met with the ambassador of the Republic of Moldova to Sweden

Her Majesty Margaret met in Stockholm with the ambassador of the Republic of Moldova in Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Iceland, Liliana GuČ›an. The meeting took place at the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in Stockholm and was attended by Jonathan Eyal, member of the Royal Council, and Her Majesty’s chancellor Ionut Demetriad.

‘We had an exchange of pragmatic views, and have drawn some objectives for the future. Her Majesty reiterated that she is a full supporter of the Republic of Moldova’s European cause, she is one of the main advocates and the main royal voice for the citizens of the Republic of Moldova. We are going to implement several joint projects, economic, humanitarian, and especially cultural projects,’ ambassador Liliana Gutan said at the end of the meeting.

According to her, the visit of Her Majesty Margareta and Prince Radu to Sweden is very important for the Republic of Moldova, in the context of the support offered by the Royal House.

“In this context, the voice of the Royal House of Romania in relation to the Royal House of Sweden represents a unique channel of dialogue, which cannot be replaced by an elected political office, and in this context. It is a strong voice, especially for the Republic of Moldova. The Republic of Moldova’s cause does not have too many disinterested advocates. Her Majesty and His Highness the Prince are some of its main advocates. We are very happy that they have a strategy to visit and synchronize their messages with the upcoming EU presidencies and royal houses. We are talking about Spain, and they will discuss the same with the British Royal House on supporting the cause and assisting humanitarian projects in the Republic of Moldova,” concluded the Moldovan ambassador to Sweden.


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