Republic of Moldova Commemorates 33 Years of Sovereignty: A Journey Towards Independence

On the anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Sovereignty, President Maia Sandu affirmed that the Republic of Moldova embarked on its path to independence. According to the country’s leader, over the past 33 years, the Republic of Moldova has encountered numerous obstacles in its development, “but our people have remained united and steadfast in their desire for freedom,” continued Maia Sandu.

“Through the Declaration of Sovereignty, citizenship was established, the foundations for drafting a new Constitution were laid, the determination to participate directly in the European process for collaboration and security was confirmed, and most importantly, it was stipulated that the people are the source and bearer of sovereignty. 33 years ago, the Republic of Moldova decided to break free from the Soviet regime and fulfill its dream of becoming a rule-of-law state, where citizens live in harmony and trust in a brighter tomorrow,” specified the president.

It is worth mentioning that June 23rd is celebrated as the Day of Sovereignty of the Republic of Moldova. The Declaration of Sovereignty was adopted on the same date in 1990 and is a historical document that aims to “establish justice, protect legality, and ensure social stability.”


Reflecting on the achievements and challenges faced during the past three decades, the Republic of Moldova has made significant progress in consolidating its independence, strengthening democratic institutions, and pursuing closer integration with European structures. However, the journey towards full development and prosperity continues, with ongoing efforts to address various economic, social, and political issues.

President Maia Sandu emphasized the importance of unity and a shared vision for a prosperous future, calling upon all citizens to work together towards a stronger, more inclusive Republic of Moldova. She expressed her commitment to promoting transparency, fighting corruption, and ensuring the rule of law, which are crucial elements for the country’s sustainable development and integration into the European family.

On this occasion, various events and ceremonies are being organized throughout the country to commemorate the Day of Sovereignty. These activities serve as a reminder of the Republic of Moldova’s determination to safeguard its independence, protect its values, and strive for a brighter future for its citizens.

As the Republic of Moldova celebrates 33 years of sovereignty, it stands at a crucial juncture in its history, with opportunities for further progress, reforms, and closer cooperation with international partners. The commitment of its people and leaders to the principles of democracy, freedom, and European integration will continue to shape the country’s path towards a prosperous and resilient future.

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