Romania and Republic of Moldova Strengthen Transportation Collaboration with Two Key Memoranda

Romania and the Republic of Moldova are intensifying their collaboration in the field of transportation and transportation infrastructure through the signing of two Memoranda of Understanding by the respective ministers responsible for this domain from both countries, Sorin Grindeanu and Andrei Spînu, as reported by

Minister Sorin Grindeanu emphasized the “open dialogue with our partners from the Republic of Moldova” and the “rapid pace at which our Moldovan partners are able to meet the necessary conditions for entering the European Union family. Transport infrastructure unites the European Union, and our brothers in the Republic of Moldova must be part of our European family. The destiny of the Republic of Moldova is a European one, and Romania is one of its great supporters.”

According to him, the Memorandum of Understanding regarding cooperation in the field of digitizing road freight transport will contribute to improving international road freight transport and simplifying the regulation of road freight transport.

“The e-CMR project is part of a broader strategy to digitize trade facilitation systems, which will generate increased efficiency and lower operational costs,” explained the Minister of Transport in a message posted on Facebook.


The second memorandum signed focuses on the development of relations in the field of transportation and transportation infrastructure. According to the explanations provided by Sorin Grindeanu, cooperation will be realized through the elaboration, coordination, and monitoring of policies in the field of transportation and transportation infrastructure; collaboration for the transposition of European Union directives into the national legislation of the Republic of Moldova in the field of transportation and transportation infrastructure; improving policies related to transport infrastructure to identify and evaluate transport infrastructure projects more thoroughly; collaboration and exchange of best practices in accessing EU funds for the development of transportation infrastructure.

Present at the Business Forum of the Three Seas Initiative, Andrei Spînu called for a reconsideration of the Via Carpathia and Rail2Sea initiatives to include the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine.

In his view, the inclusion of these two countries in these initiatives will ensure a permanent connection with the European Union through Romania. It should be noted that Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova have become associated participating members of the Three Seas Initiative.

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