Romania Offers $750,000 for Moldova’s Security

In a recent announcement, Romania has offered Moldova $750,000 to aid in the implementation of security programs, including joint programs with NATO. The Moldovan Defense Minister, Anatolie Nosatîi, made the announcement during an appearance on the talk show “Rezoomat cu Ileana Pîrgaru,” where he stated that the funds will be used to implement specific programs in cooperation with NATO.

Nosatîi went on to say that the cooperation with NATO is based on specific programs to strengthen certain areas and that funds are necessary for equipment and activities. Romania has been and continues to be a trusted partner that has supported the development projects of the Republic of Moldova, including in the military domain. They were the first to allocate funds through various programs, as was the case last year when they allocated over $600,000, Nosatîi added.


The $750,000 will be transferred to the NATO Trust Fund, according to Nosatîi. He also mentioned that the resources will be used for 12 military projects and six projects related to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and security services. The funds will be used for the development of the National Army Corps, the acquisition of equipment for soldiers, the strengthening of the cyber defense domain, military medicine, and other issues related to the development of defense capability, Nosatîi explained.

This announcement is a significant development in the relationship between Romania and Moldova, as it demonstrates the commitment of the two countries to strengthen security and defense capabilities in the region. It also reflects the importance of NATO’s involvement in promoting stability and security in the region, as well as the continued cooperation between NATO and its partner countries.

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