Romanian language official in Moldova! Historical vote in the Parliament

In all legislation of the Republic of Moldova, the phrase “Romanian language” will take the place of “Moldovan languages”. The phrases “official language”, “state language” and “mother tongue” will also be replaced. The draft law was voted in the second reading by 58 deputies.

We remind you that the bill was registered in Parliament on February 24th, and the authors are PAS deputies, including Igor Grosu, Veronica Roșca, Mihail Popșoi, Radu Marian, Dan Perciun, and others.

“The purpose of this legislative initiative is to adjust the existing normative framework to the interpretations and considerations of the Constitutional Court regarding the state language of the Republic of Moldova. This legislative initiative is not an ordinary initiative to amend the Constitution, but a technical one, which results from the obligation to execute and/or implement the acts of the Constitutional Court”, the document states.


The same document also states that the Legal Information Resources Agency will ensure in the “State Register of Legal Acts” information system the operation of changes related to the state language – Romanian, in all the legislation of the Republic of Moldova, including the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova.

On December 5th, 2013, the Constitutional Court established that the official language of the Republic of Moldova is Romanian, as written in the Declaration of Independence, which prevails over the Constitution. At that time, the High Court recommended to Parliament that Article 13 of the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova be amended in accordance with the provisions included in the Declaration of Independence. No subsequent legislature included this topic on the agenda.

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