Russia extradited to Hungary a Moldovan accused of embezzling 300,000 euros

Russia has extradited Moldovan citizen Leonid Hora to Hungary. Russian media reported that authorities accused Leonid Hora of embezzling more than 300 thousand euros from ATMs. Russian media reported that.

“At the international airport, Sheremetyevo – named after A. S. Pushkin handed over to representatives of law enforcement agencies of Hungary citizen of the Republic of Moldova Leonid Hora. “He was on an international wanted list on charges of committing theft as part of a group of persons by prior conspiracy on a particularly large scale,” the source reports.

According to Hungarian law enforcers, in November 2019, the attacker, along with accomplices, “hacked into several ATMs and stole funds.”


The misconduct caused damage amounting to more than 300 thousand euros. Reports indicate that after the offense, the accused fled from justice and left Hungary.

In February 2021, authorities put the man on an international wanted list. The Hungarian police established Leonid Hor’s location in Russia. In December last year, they detained him in Moscow.

The Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation granted the request of the competent Hungarian authorities to extradite the defendant.

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