LAST HOUR! The Parliament will have a new secretary-general. We’re talking about Talmazan, who left “with scandal” from the Customs Service

The Parliament of the Republic of Moldova will have a new secretary-general. It is Igor Talmazan, former director of the Customs Service, at the proposal of the speaker Igor Grosu. The Legal Committee of the Parliament examined his candidacy at their meeting on June 20. His candidacy will also pass through the Permanent Bureau of the Legislative on Friday, June 21.

Igor Talmazan resigned from the head of the Customs Service in April 2024. It happened in the context of the scandalous case from Chisinau Airport. According to the National Anticorruption Center, seven customs inspectors and multiple individuals are part of a plan to steal funds from aircrew passengers.

The target list included the daughter of the PAS deputy, Victoria Cazacu, the son of the socialist MP Radu Mudreac, and the son of the former Democrat deputy Gheorghe Brashovschy.


We remind you that Tamara Gheorghitsa has held the secretary-general position of the Parliament since September 2021. Before coming to the Parliament in 2019, Tamara Gheorghitsa was the adviser to the Prime

Minister in the field of public administration. She also worked in the State Chancellery as head of the directorate, deputy head of direction, and senior consultant. Tamara Gheorghitsa was a lecturer at the Academy of Public Administration during 2015 – 2017.

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