(VIDEO) The Airport Scandal Passed The Prut: The risk is not only political but also for those in authority

The auction scandal at Chisinau International Airport (AIC) has passed the Prut. Dan Dungaciu, a remarkable Romanian foreign policy analyst, acknowledges the involvement of senior politicians in this process.

“If things are blocked for so long, it indicates a need for investigations and discussions because such prolonged blockages at this level typically involve high-level politicians. Otherwise, such delays would not persist for so long. That is the topic of discussion.

If this is not clarified, all suspicion goes to the public space. You have the problem of justice reform, you have the problem of this type, you have the problem of energy price, you have all these challenges that come over you. What is your chance to change the public mood until the election? If you’re unable to accomplish it, establish political support. Otherwise, it won’t be about you.

The current government has made numerous compromises, resulting in significant changes and legislation nuances. If others come to power and use these tools, it goes to waste for the Republic of Moldova. That’s the risk. It’s not only political but also for people who are now in power,” Dungaciu mentioned on the “Puterea a Patra” show from N4.


After the first tender cancellation, the Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development (MIDR), Andrei Spanu, declared that if only one company participated, it could be declared a winner. The Public Property Agency canceled the first tender due to insufficient participants number, and after only one company signed up for the second tender, they extended it. The Public Property Agency launched a third public tender.

Earlier this year, the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office initiated a criminal investigation in this case, reasoning that “analysis of accumulated materials denotes dubious circumstances and alleged illicit actions of favoring a company at the expense of a transparent and equitable process of organization of public tender, which harms the interest of the state.” However, the criminal trial was stopped, “because weren’t identified crime elements.”

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