Sergiu Harea about the Moldovan local products promotion: We have planned 40 exhibition events for 2024

The President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) of Moldova, Sergiu Harea, granted an exclusive interview to on current topics, and the promotion of local products on international markets. He emphasized that about 40 exhibition events are planned for 2024, both in Moldova and abroad, where everyone can get acquainted with the Moldovan products.

“This autumn commemorates the 106th anniversary of the establishment of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. With a rich history spanning over a century, the Chamber has been dedicated to fostering the growth of local businesses within the Republic of Moldova. Our primary focus has been on supporting and advancing companies operating within both domestic and international markets.

Of notable significance is our commitment to exhibition initiatives, which play a pivotal role in our endeavors. This year alone, we have meticulously curated a comprehensive plan comprising more than 40 exhibition events. Such endeavors are not undertaken lightly; they represent our steadfast dedication to promoting business excellence and facilitating growth opportunities,” he stressed.


Sergiu Harea specified that only at the beginning of the year, the exhibition “Made in Moldova” was organized, which gathered over 65000 thousand visitors.

“The onset of 2024 saw the commencement of the esteemed national exhibition “Made in Moldova,” drawing participation from 350 entrepreneurs and attracting over 65,000 visitors. This annual flagship event culminates with a dynamic Business Programme, encompassing economic forums, conferences, B2B meetings facilitating interaction between local and international entrepreneurs, round table discussions, and informative seminars,” he said.

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