Stability in Moldova: Vital Support for Ukraine Amid Russian Invasion

The greatest assistance that Moldova can offer to Ukraine, facing the Russian invasion, is stability within the country. This means that Ukrainian authorities will not be compelled to deploy military forces along the Moldovan-Ukrainian border and can utilize them on the battlefield. This statement was made by the Moldovan Ambassador to Kyiv, Valeriu Chiveri, during the August 28th edition of the ‘Points of Reflection’ program on Vocea Basarabiei. The Ambassador mentioned that the solidarity demonstrated by Moldova is of great importance to Ukraine.

“I can tell you that the solidarity shown by the Republic of Moldova is very important for Ukraine. First and foremost, we share the longest common border – 1,222 km. The most we can offer Ukraine is stability within the Republic of Moldova. As long as we have stability in our country, Ukraine’s western borders will remain calm. This is significant; it means that Ukraine will not need to focus on or deploy additional military forces in the region, as it is happening at the border with Belarus, for example, and will be able to use these forces on the battlefield. So, the most we can do is to provide stability within our country, which will in turn provide stability,” the Ambassador stated.


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