Starting today, candidates for the May 19 elections can submit their registration documents

The Central Election Commission has announced that the period for submitting documents to register candidates for elective positions in the electoral districts of the first level, where new and partial local elections will be held on May 19, commences on April 12.

Political parties and electoral blocs are required to submit the necessary documents to the district electoral councils of the respective territorial-administrative units where they intend to field candidates. Independent candidates must also adhere to the same requirements. But instead of a decision on nomination by a political party or electoral bloc’s central or territorial body, they must provide subscription lists containing a sufficient number of supporter signatures.

Starting from April 12, subscription list forms can be obtained from the electoral council of the electoral district in which the independent candidate intends to stand for election.


The compilation of the list of candidates for council positions must adhere to the gender quota, ensuring a minimum representation of 40% for both genders. The formula stipulates a minimum of four candidates of the same gender for every ten available seats.

On May 19, 2024, new local elections will be held to select a fresh composition of local councils in Cairaclia and Salcia localities of Taraclia district, Chioselia Rusa, and Cotovscoe villages of ATU Gagauzia, and to elect the mayor in Tirnova commune of Donduseni district, Bucovat city of Straseni district, Sagaidac village of Cimislia district, and Hanasenii Noi commune of Leova district. Concurrently, mayoral by-elections will occur in Chioselia Rusa and Cotovscoe, and a by-election for a new composition of the local council will take place in Cealic commune of Taraclia district.

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