Strengthening Moldovan-Portuguese Investment Relations: Discussions between PM Recean and President de Sousa

Opportunities to enhance trade, economic, and investment relations between the Republic of Moldova and the Portuguese Republic were discussed during a meeting between Prime Minister Dorin Recean and the Portuguese President, Rebelo de Sousa, who was on an official visit to Chișinău. This information is reported by MOLDPRES, citing the Government’s Communication and Protocol Department.

Officials addressed the possibilities of developing commercial relations and identifying new paths for partnerships and investments in areas such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, IT, and modernizing transportation infrastructure.

“Republic of Moldova has talent and creativity but needs investments. Our country’s priority areas for development include infrastructure, renewable energy, agricultural industrialization, and economic digitization. We understand that economic development is essential for improving citizens’ well-being and strengthening democracy,” Prime Minister Dorin Recean stated.


In this context, officials appreciated the organization of a Business Forum in Chișinău on October 31, hosted by the Moldovan Investment Agency. Portuguese companies active in the Romanian market are expected to attend the event to explore business development opportunities in our country. During the Forum, a Memorandum of Understanding will be signed between investment agencies from the Republic of Moldova and Portugal.

The two officials discussed the European path of the Republic of Moldova and the opportunities provided by the accession process to the European Union, including the opening of new export markets. President Rebelo de Sousa reiterated Portugal’s support for the European agenda of the Republic of Moldova and for the strengthening of friendly relations between our countries.

“The Republic of Moldova is a state that fights for democracy, human rights, peace, and sovereignty, and the Portuguese Republic supports you in this noble endeavor. Democracy requires sustainable development and social justice, and we are at your disposal to share our country’s experience in the EU accession process,” the Portuguese official stated.

In conclusion, the head of the Executive thanked President Rebelo de Sousa for the support provided by the Portuguese Republic in overcoming the energy and humanitarian crisis caused by the brutal war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine.

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