Support for a neighboring country. Moldova has sent a new batch of humanitarian aid to Ukraine

The Moldovan government today dispatched a significant consignment of humanitarian aid valued at 5 million lei (approximately 250,000 euros) to Ukraine. This assistance, transported via five trucks carrying over 75 tons of supplies, was accompanied by the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (GIES) to ensure safe delivery.

The Interior Ministry (MIA) reported that the aid package encompasses resources from the energy and medical sectors. It included vital equipment such as blood transfusion systems and disinfectants. Additionally, essential food items – canned goods were transported to support vulnerable populations.

To facilitate the transportation process, MIA disclosed that over 100,000 lei from the government’s reserve fund was allocated to cover associated expenses. This decision was made after a request received by the Foreign Affairs Ministry on November 15, 2023, detailing the specific needs outlined by Ukrainian authorities.


It’s worth noting that similar aid was extended to our neighboring country in the preceding year, underscoring Moldova’s commitment to solidarity and humanitarian support.

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