The 36th Group of Peace Corps Volunteers Arrives in Moldova

Peace Corps Moldova is pleased to announce the arrival of the 34th group of U.S. Peace Corps volunteers to Moldova. On Wednesday, June 4, twenty-three volunteers will arrive at Chisinau Airport.

Before beginning their service, the volunteers will have a 10-week “Pre-Service Training,” to study Romanian or Russian, learn about Moldovan culture and have technical sessions. 

After completing their training, the volunteers will work in schools and community centers throughout Moldova. Fourteen of the volunteers will work in the field of English Education, 15 will serve as Health Education Volunteers and 20 of them will work as Community and Organizational Development Volunteers.

There are currently 26 volunteers, with a total of 1,596 volunteers over the program’s entire history. The program has been running since 1993, and the official language is Romanian.

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