The citizenship of Plahotniuc and Shor may not have been withdrawn by the head of state. Galbur: Is Kalinin more dangerous?

“The Moldovan Presidency’s decision not to revoke the citizenship of Vladimir Plahotniuc and Ilan Shor is acknowledged. This decision is seen as a lack of political will and courage on the part of the top leadership, as it appears that personal and electoral self-interest is being prioritized over stability and national security,” this is a message from Dragos Galbur, the leader of the Moldovan National Party (PNM), posted on a social network.

The Public Service Agency (ASP) and the Intelligence and Security Service (SIS) have been asked to justify their inaction. This request is a disappointment. This approach can be seen as an attempt to avoid responsibility and is disrespectful to citizens, concerned about the safety of our society.


“The decision is particularly unacceptable because the Presidency promptly and decisively withdrew Alexandr Kalinin’s citizenship in November 2023. Is Kalinin a greater threat to Moldova than Plahotniuc and Shor? The absence of consistency and uniformity in the application of the law raises significant concerns regarding the integrity and independence of state institutions,” a press release from PNM has been issued.

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