The conference “Retail & Fast-moving Consumer Goods Market” gathered tens of local manufacturers and businesses from Moldova

The conference “Retail & Fast-moving Consumer Goods Market in the Republic of Moldova” gathered in Chisinau, tens of local manufacturers, brands, and businesses related to the field. The B2B event organized by Modern Buyer Romania is at its 6th edition and took place in a modern and vibrant environment in the innovative Digital Park.

Among the topics addressed by the guest speakers at the exhibition were conclusions on the successes of the modern trade sector in the Republic of Moldova, as well as trends and opportunities for producers in the food and beverage industry and retailers.

At the event, the firm position of Moldova in the international retail market was outlined.


Moldova’s big supermarket groups are choosing more and more local producers, with dairy products, wines, vegetables, and fruit accounting for 80 percent of their shelves.

Organizing such exhibitions creates an environment for business networking and collaboration between the private sector and state institutions.

Moldova’s 12 largest retail chains have a combined turnover of more than 21.5 billion Moldovan lei, an increase of more than 31 percent compared to 2023. These 12 retailers also made a profit of about 16 million Moldovan lei in 2023. These traders are major national employers, with a combined workforce of over 10,000 employees. So we have a modern trade that is growing steadily from year to year and will also change the model of selling food, the trader-producer model.

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