The EPC SUMMIT to Elevate Moldova’s Economy and International Reputation, Expert Madan claims

Moldova’s hosting of the European Political Community Summit is expected to contribute to the country’s economic development in both the short and long term. While it requires significant resources, including infrastructure improvements, security measures, and logistical support, national experts believe that the event will lead to their recovery through the benefits it brings to the business sector and the overall investment climate.

“For a company from our country seeking to identify a new client or supplier abroad, the first evaluation filter is usually the country of origin before directly assessing the company. The fact that Moldova will host an event with the presence of influential leaders from various states and governments, gaining international spotlight at the most reputable media institutions worldwide, will increase the country’s visibility and prestige. This will facilitate external opportunities and open doors for businesses here,” says Stas Madan, Director of the “Business Environment and SME” program at Expert-Grup.

Furthermore, the expert emphasizes that the European Political Community Summit will provide valuable tools for the entire diplomatic-economic system, enabling the promotion of exports and attracting investments.

“Moreover, the location of the event, a winery, creates opportunities to expand the consumer base for Moldovan wine, which is a flagship industry for our country. We cannot exclude the immediate economic benefits of this event. Based on the number of foreign delegates and journalists expected to attend, approximately 1,500-2,000 individuals, our firms, especially those in the HoReCa sector, are projected to generate additional sales ranging from 6 to 10 million lei,” highlights Madan.

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