The essay contest “European Chisinau” was launched

The “B.P. Hasdeu” Municipal Library is organizing an essay contest on “European Chisinau” from April 2 to 22, which aims to stimulate the interest of Chisinau residents in European values, to encourage users of the Municipal Library to reflect on the possibilities and opportunities offered by the status of European citizen, developing creativity and taste for artistic expression.

According to the director of the institution, Mariana Harjevschi, the conditions for participation are:

  • The participants of the competition will be students of secondary school, residents of Chisinau, and holders of the reader’s card at the Municipal Library “B.P. Hasdeu”;
  • the essay must be written in Romanian, with diacritical marks, without spelling or punctuation mistakes;
  • the text, in electronic format, will be sent by e-mail to one of the branches of the Municipal Library in the vicinity of the author’s residence;
  • the text must include contact details at the end (these are not included in the character limit): name and surname, address, telephone number, educational institution, branch to which the student is registered;
  • the winning essays will be published in the specialist journal BiblioPolis.


The competition’s winners will receive cash prizes, diplomas, and books. The award ceremony will take place on May 8. More details about the competition can be found on the library’s website.

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