The European Union is hesitant to bring up the topic of enlargement due to the upcoming European elections

As the European Parliament elections approach in June, the European Union is hesitant to publicly discuss enlargement, particularly in light of the ongoing protests by farmers across Europe, according to “Politico.”

EU leaders are now offering concessions to appease angry farmers while playing down talk of enlargement, especially with the European elections just three months away.

According to some EU officials, preparations for the possible integration of Ukraine, Moldova, and the countries of the Western Balkans are preferred to be kept confidential, particularly the impact of accession on farmers.

“Let’s be honest: No one wants to discuss enlargement before the European elections,” an anonymous EU official stated.

“Discussing the reduction of subsidies for European farmers is not advisable to include in election slogans or to provide ammunition to far-right groups,” the official added, referring to the European Parliament elections in June.


In June’s end, European leaders will sign the strategic agenda for the upcoming European Commission. Poland is expected to begin laying the groundwork for enlargement as it prepares to take over the rotating presidency of the EU Council in 2025.

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