The film “VARVARA” released with standing ovation in the Great Hall of the Presidency

Hundreds of people watched the film “VARVARA” during the national premiere, which took place in the Presidency building. The feature film, produced by Sergiu Cumatrenco Jr and directed by Anatol Durbală, was projected in the Great Hall, where the Declaration of Independence of the Republic of Moldova was voted, writes .

The president of the Republic of Moldova, Maia Sandu, was present at the event, who congratulated the team for the work done. The film was also watched by the partners of the project, representatives of the Ministry of Culture, as well as by several artists.

“It’s a moving film, it makes you sit still to think about what’s happening to us in society. The message is self-evident. Congratulations! It is well made and I am glad that Anatol Durbală and Sergiu Cumatrenco managed to launch it”, said Petru Hadârcă, the director of the “Mihai Eminescu” National Theatre.


“I am very glad that there are such awards in our country and that cinematography in Moldova is evolving enormously. I am very emotional and I have to reflect on what I have seen. The film reflects the society in which we live. I liked it a lot and I think we need to keep this film in cinemas as long as possible”, said Valentina Nafornița.

After the presentation of the feature film, the audience gave a standing ovation, which, according to the actors and the production team, is the most important reward.

“It was very emotional for me, I actually cried in places. In real life, I am totally different from my character, but I am glad that I managed to convey the message and build this character from scratch”, said Olga Anghelici, who plays the role of Caroline in the film.

“People must go to this film because it is a domestic production and because it offers us some important lessons of life, of good conduct and, most importantly, of humanity,” states Teodor Țurcan, the actor who plays the role of Sașa, the hero main.

The director of the film states that it was difficult to complete this production, but the effort was totally worth the wait.

“To arrive with a film in the Republic of Moldova before the premiere is an act of heroism for any director, not just for me. Maybe someone will like this film, maybe it will irritate someone, but I hope that this film will not leave anyone indifferent”, said Anatol Durbală.

Next, the film “VARVARA” is to be screened in cinemas in Chisinau.

“We are extremely grateful for the opportunity we had today. The journey of the film “VARVARA” is just beginning, from today the film is available in cinemas in Chisinau and we will make every effort for it to reach national and international distribution. For that we really need the support of the viewers”, said Sergiu Cumatrenco, the producer of the feature film.

We mention that the feature film features Sașa in the foreground, a plumber who does his job honestly and refuses to live by the rules of a society infected with corruption. The premature birth of his daughter, who suffers from a developmental anomaly, challenges him to confront the double standards of a fallen world.

“VARVARA” was made by the production team of the film “CARBON”. The cast includes over 30 actors, including Igor Caras, Tudor Țurcan, Olga Anghelici, Constantin Haret, Sergiu Voloc and many others.

Filming took place in 2021-2022 and lasted 42 days.

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