The first guests of the EPС Summit arrive in Chisinau: will this affect the work of the airport, and what will be the situation on the roads?

Preparations for the Summit of the European Political Community, which will be held on June 1, are at the finish line. The first official delegations have already begun arriving in Moldova.

National security agencies are alerting citizens that the activities of institutions and companies throughout the country are going on as usual. The security measures applied during the organization and holding of the EPC Summit are being implemented gradually to minimize inconvenience to the population.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs informs that the Chisinau International Airport is currently operating as usual, without any disruptions or flight delays. The arrival of more than 20 official delegations will not affect the schedule of regular flights scheduled for May 31st.

From 00:00 June 1 to 07:00 June 2nd, the sky for all civil aircraft will be closed. From midnight on May 31, the flight of civilian drones is prohibited until 07:00 on June 2.

During this period, only flights of aircraft of official delegations will be allowed.

Currently, all land border crossings are operating normally. In the event of an increase in the flow of citizens, the Border Police will increase the number of first-line officers for checking documents.

With the arrival of official delegations to the Republic of Moldova, traffic in the section between Chisinau International Airport and the capital will be partially suspended. Vehicles will be diverted to adjacent streets and roads.

Recall that ambulances and vehicles of emergency services will move along special routes.

Commercial activities and daily life of citizens outside the security perimeters will be carried out as usual.

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