The first statement of the newly appointed Moldovan PM: We will proceed immediately to the formation of the cabinet

In his first statement, after the appointment to the position of prime minister, Dorin Recean proposes to strengthen security and the economic sector. Recean pointed out that he will proceed immediately to the formation of the cabinet.

“I will proceed immediately to the formation of the government assembly and the actions that are necessary for the implementation of the government program”, said Recean.

In his first statement, the new PM underlined the necessity for immediate actions in three dimensions: institutional, economic, and social.

“Dear citizens, we will proceed immediately to actions on three dimensions, the most important. The first is order and discipline in institutions. The institutions must serve the citizens, and they must serve the business environment, yes there is resistance, but we will overcome it. The second dimension of rapid intervention is to have a new life for the economy, which means making more resources available for investment in the business field, in the field of small and medium enterprises, and that is the way to have jobs, to have higher wages big and create well-being for each of us. Third, peace and stability. We must realize that since the Second World War, we are at the highest risk of challenges, therefore we need to strengthen the security sector in such a way that everyone feels safe and the dominant of the government program is European integration. We must speed up the process of harmonizing the legislation, we must implement all the conditionalities, but not because we have to tick, but because this is the way to ensure well-being in the country”, declared Recean”, declared Recean.

The president of the Moldovan Parliament, Igor Grosu mentioned that PAS fraction will support him in Parliament.


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