The fiscal budget policy for the year 2023 was approved

The fiscal budget policy for 2023 was approved by the Government. The decision was made a short time ago. Among the main provisions of this act is the fact that pensions in 2023 will be indexed by 14%. At the same time, it is also foreseen that the salaries of all budget officers will increase by 1300 lei in 2023.

Natalia Gavrilița explained why the Cabinet of Ministers hastily approved the fiscal budget policy, but also the 2023 State budget.

“It is not the first time that something like this happens in Moldova. I would not have wanted to repeat the vicious practices of the previous governments, but I negotiated until the last minute with the International Monetary Fund for additional funds for salary increases… We cannot postpone because the adoption of the budget in two readings in the Parliament will not succeed”, he declared Gavrilița

The document will enter into force after it is approved by the Parliament.


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