The Government approved the National Program “Diaspora” for 2024-2028

Today, the government has officially approved the National Program “Diaspora” for 2024-2028. This pivotal document is designed to enhance the state’s connections with the diaspora, transforming this collaboration into a catalyst for progress in Moldova. According to the government’s press relations and protocol department, the approved program is expected to play a major role in the country’s development.

The program envisages the creation of a support group for Moldovan citizens on their return to the country and the stimulation of the diaspora’s participation in various fields. It will also elaborate a mechanism for the return and employment of Moldovan graduates and students of foreign universities.


By 2028, the government aims to improve the quality of projects and initiatives in the country, utilizing the experience and knowledge of our diaspora citizens, which will lead to increased competitiveness and innovation in various sectors.

The program also includes an Action Plan, which establishes medium-term goals and activities to be implemented at the national level for the active involvement of Diaspora members in the implementation of public policies.

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