“The Government of the Republic of Moldova is focused on the security agenda”: ​​Dorin Recean at a forum in Bucharest

The Government of the Republic of Moldova is focused on the security agenda and enhancing economic development. This was stated by Prime Minister Dorin Recean at the Black Sea and Balkans Security Forum, which is taking place in Bucharest.

“We have strengthened the capacity of the institutions of the Republic of Moldova to deal with hybrid threats, propaganda, false information, and attempts to create tension between ethnic groups in the Republic of Moldova, including challenges related to the refugee crisis from Ukraine. We understand that neutrality cannot protect us if it is not respected, as Russia does. Society is having a very serious discussion about our defense capability, which needs to be strengthened. It used to be that neutrality did not require strengthening the defense capability, but times are changing,” Prime Minister Dorin Recean said.

For his part, Romanian Prime Minister Nicolae Chuca said that security threats in the Black Sea region from the Russian Federation require the presence of allies of the EU in the region.

The head of the Romanian Cabinet also noted that the consequences of the war unleashed by the Russian Federation in Ukraine are most felt at the regional level. According to the official, countries in the region must correctly assess the security situation to act appropriately.

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