The Government website was subjected to a cyber attack on Tuesday

Natalia Gavrilița confirms that cyber attacks against state institutions have intensified recently. The Prime Minister pointed out that the Government’s website also suffered on Tuesday.

The official also stated that the Government is trying to combat the phenomenon with its own forces. She referred to both terrorist alerts and cyber attacks.

“Recently we have hybrid elements in the Republic of Moldova. I’m also referring to those bomb alerts, and cyber attacks. There have been several cyber attacks recently. I also saw this threat yesterday. We have indeed had a wave of attacks, which we are dealing with with our own resources. We continue to watch over this field and take the necessary measures”, declared the Head of the Executive.


The Government and SIS websites were unavailable on Tuesday. Before the problems appeared, the group of Russian hackers called Killnet announced that difficult weeks would follow for the institutions of our country, which would be subjected to attacks.

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