“The Kremlin has no moral right to teach lessons in democracy.” Popsoi responded to Lavrov’s statements about Transnistria

Foreign Minister Mihai Popsoi has reacted to statements made by his colleague Sergey Lavrov during a diplomatic forum held in Antalya (Turkey).

The head of Chisinau’s diplomacy said that the Kremlin regime has no moral right to teach lessons on democracy.

“Minister Lavrov and the Kremlin regime have no moral right to lecture about democracy and freedom. A country that jails opposition politicians and kills them unjustifiably attacks its neighbours cannot offer the world anything but blood and pain,” the Moldovan Foreign Ministry said.

He noted that politicians in Moldova are elected through free and transparent electoral processes, which are internationally recognised.


“It is important that Minister Lavrov receives reliable information about the situation in the Transnistrian region, where more than 70% of local products and services are exported to EU countries. Moldova is a democratic state for which freedom and respect for human rights are fundamental values. We are building a European future so that all our citizens, regardless of language and ethnicity, live in peace and prosperity,” Mihai Popsoi said.

On March 1, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov spoke at a diplomatic forum in Turkey. There, the politician said that the “Moldovan regime” was following in the footsteps of the ” Kyiv regime.” He also commented on Transnistria’s “cry for help.”

“The regime that has settled in Chisinau abolishes everything Russian, discriminates against the Russian language in all spheres and still arranges serious economic pressure on Transnistria,” Lavrov said.

The politician also urged the Moldovan authorities not to block the negotiation process of the “5+2” format.

“We called on Moldova to stop blocking the negotiation process in the 5+2 format. Transnistria is calling for the resumption of this format, while the Romanian leadership in Chisinau is trying to destroy it once and for all”, the minister added.

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