The Minister of Defense from Chisinau, Anatolie Nosatîi, in Bucharest: Moldova is subject to military danger

As long as missiles happen to fly over our airspace, Moldova is subject to military danger. The statement was made by the Minister of Defense, Anatolie Nosatîi, at the trilateral meeting in Bucharest.

Anatolie Nosatîi stated that we thank the Ukrainian troops for the courage they show. He specified that Moldova is ready to contribute to the reconstruction of Ukraine after the war, but also to demining.

“The Republic of Moldova, likewise, is subject to military risks. The Russian’s missiles, which were flying in our airspace, serves as an example for the international community. We closely analyze and monitor the security situation in the Transnistrian region and in the geographical proximity. The situation remains calm, but volatile, with some elements of unpredictability”, said the Minister.

The Minister of Defense reiterated that there are hybrid threats in Moldova and destabilization attempts. According to him, the situation is putting pressure on the security sector, but the authorities are dedicated to building resilience.

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