The Ministry of Labor announces new aid for the population of Moldova affected by the crisis! They will receive 700 lei each

The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection and the UN Agencies held a press conference today regarding the launch of the cash assistance program for the population affected by the crisis in Moldova. Thus, the Minister of Labor, Marcel Spatari, announced that over 40 thousand families from Moldova will receive 700 lei each month for half a year.

“Today we announce that a new program is being launched, which targets around 40 thousand vulnerable households and which will benefit for six months from a financial aid worth 700 lei per month. It is in addition to already existing programs, cold season aid or social aid or compensation granted in the bill. We are talking about vulnerable households, families with three or more children, families with disabled people, pregnant or lactating women, or single-parent families with any number of children,” the minister said.

The compensations given will be a supplement to those that will be offered by the Government. The authorities are yet to determine the families that will benefit from these monthly allowances.


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