The Moldovan Parliament approved the declaration on the European integration of the republic: what does the document say?

A declaration about Moldova’s European integration was approved by the Parliament at a plenary session on Thursday, March 21. Fifty-four MPs voted in favor of the draft declaration. The adopted document says that joining the EU is the key to the country’s future as a sovereign, neutral, integral, and democratic state. The declaration emphasizes that the irreversible European integration and accession is Moldova’s main national project.

Fifty-four MPs voted in favor of the draft declaration, and no one spoke against it, but during the voting, MPs from the Communist and Socialist Bloc left the session hall.

The MEPs call on the society, including all political forces, to unite and show solidarity to strengthen the political and social dialog in the nation’s interest and the strategic goal of Moldova’s accession to the European Union.

“For decades, the European Union has been a reliable partner of our country, providing unselfish logistical and financial support to solve numerous internal problems of the Republic of Moldova.”

Moreover, thanks to the generous support of the EU and member states, Moldova has overcome the crisis caused by the COVID pandemic and the energy crisis in the winter of 2022-2023,” the document’s text says.


The draft also emphasizes that “European integration will contribute to the civic cohesion of society, ensure Moldova’s transition to sustainable economic development, and increase the state’s capacity to promote effective social policies.”

“The European Union is an area of peace. The European Union was created as a peace project that put an end to the wars in Europe. Its creative energy was no longer directed towards destruction and aggression, but towards prosperity and peaceful development among peoples,” the document reads.

Moldova signed the Association Agreement with the EU in 2014. On March 3, 2022, the Moldovan authorities signed an application for our country’s accession to the European Union. On June 23, 2022, the EU granted Moldova the status of a candidate country. On December 14, 2023, the European Council decided to start negotiations on Moldova’s accession to the EU.

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