The European Commission presented a communication on the necessary reforms to prepare for EU enlargement

The European Union has endorsed a document aimed at domestic reforms and the overhaul of EU policies prior to expansion. As per a press release issued by the European institution on March 20th of this year, the document is intended to foster discussions among member states concerning policies, budgetary matters, and governance, all while safeguarding fundamental values, as conveyed by the government’s communication department.

This initiative sets the groundwork for policy revisions in anticipation of the enlargement announced by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen in her 2023 State of the Union address.

“We must now begin preparing for the future of the Union and leverage the enlargement as a catalyst for progress. The entirety of Europe has reaped the benefits of past enlargements, transforming the EU into the world’s largest integrated market. This has facilitated trade and economic growth, both within the EU and in accession candidate countries,” the communique emphasizes.


Additionally, the European Commission has disclosed that candidate states may enjoy certain advantages akin to those of EU member states in select sectors, even before formal accession. However, the realization of these benefits hinges on the readiness of both the EU and candidate countries, as the accession process prioritizes merit and steadfast political commitment.

A comprehensive policy overhaul by the European Commission is slated for early 2025. Depending on its outcome, the subsequent phase of this process may involve substantial reform proposals in each sector, including the preparation of the Commission’s proposal for the next long-term budget.

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