European Council calls for “rapid” adoption of negotiating framework with Moldova

The European Council has expressed satisfaction with the progress achieved by Moldova and Ukraine in advancing the necessary reforms for European Union accession, according to a document outlining the conclusions of a meeting held on March 21st, as reported by the government’s communication department.

Consequently, the European Council has urged EU member states to promptly endorse the draft negotiation framework with Moldova and Ukraine. And also to expedite the submission of their respective approaches.

The conclusions further underscore the European Union’s commitment to providing Moldova with comprehensive support to address the challenges stemming from Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. The EU will also continue to bolster Moldova’s resilience, security, and stability in the face of Russia’s destabilizing activities.


The European Council has applauded the bilateral commitments of member states to support the European Union Partnership Mission in Moldova, aimed at enhancing the resilience of the security sector.

In December 2023, the European Council initiated negotiations on Moldova’s accession to the EU. On March 13th, 2024, the European Commission submitted the draft negotiation framework with Moldova to the European Council for consideration.

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