Will Moldova join the EU together with Ukraine or separately? Cristina Gherasimov’s Response

Moldova and Ukraine will progress towards the European Union together. How long do the expletive sessions take? When presenting the adjustment of the regulatory framework, states will be evaluated separately. This evaluation will be conducted according to the guidelines set by Deputy Prime Minister for Integration, Cristina Gherasimov.

The official cited the example of other countries that have joined the European Union in the last 10-15 years. Moldova’s potential membership in the European Union is dependent on the timetable it adopts, which may differ from that of Ukraine.

“Regarding our relationship with Ukraine, it is important to note that during these explanatory sessions, our colleagues from Ukraine and we sit together and listen to the presentation by the European Commission. However, when we are invited by the Commission to present our framework and its alignment with the EU, we will have separate schedules. (…)Depending on the timing, we can go faster or slower than Ukraine,” said Gherasimov.


On 19 March, the European Commission adopted a strategic document reviewing policies to mark the enlargement of the EU. The following day, the EU Council approved the legal framework for negotiations on Moldova’s accession. The Deputy Prime Minister announced these developments on Friday. Chisinau aims to organise an intergovernmental conference at the earliest opportunity, which would signify the de facto commencement of negotiations.

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