The National Museum of Moldovan History will be temporarily closed: measures taken in connection with the accident in Causeni

The National Museum of History of Moldova will be closed from April 29 to May 6. Due to a traffic accident on April 26, the museum staff took the measure while returning to the Causeni district.

“This measure is necessary to give time for physical and psychological rehabilitation to the staff of the National Museum of History of Moldova, who are in hospitals in Causeni, Anenii Noi, and Chisinau. On behalf of the entire National Museum of History of Moldova staff, we sincerely thank everyone who sent us messages of support and encouragement in this difficult time,” the institution said.

A car driver hit a bus carrying 46 passengers near the Grigorievca, causing it to overturn. Tragically, the collision resulted in the immediate death of the car driver, while emergency services transported 16 bus passengers to the hospital for medical treatment.


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