The “Cybercor” Institute has obtained its inaugural equipment shipment. Dorin Recean: “Possessing the expertise and tools to safeguard our public services and private data is paramount”

Today, the US Agency for International Development (USAID) delivered the first batch of equipment to the National Institute for Cybersecurity Innovations “Cybercor,” which aims to train specialists in cyber defense. The equipment, part of a $600 thousand grant, was received as reported by the Government Communication Directorate.

The first batch of equipment contains computers, servers, data processing centers, network devices, and other components. Prime Minister Dorin Recean, USAID Deputy Administrator Isobel Coleman, US Ambassador to Moldova Kent Logsdon, and other officials attended the event.

The Prime Minister stressed the importance of ensuring cyber security and urged people not to underestimate the poses risks. “With the digitization of public services, the interaction between citizens and the government, between governments, with the increasing use of cyber tools by enemies, it is important to have the knowledge and equipment to protect our public services and private data,” the head of government said.


The Prime Minister stressed the need for cyber security research, training, and public sector employees. We can protect ourselves from possible cyber attacks.

The Prime Minister also thanked the US Government and private companies for supporting this project. The total value of the investment made by USAID, Sweden, and the UK through the Future Technologies Project is $1.3 million. Of this, 600 thousand for IT equipment and 700 thousand for essential infrastructure. 

The “Cybercor” Institute will be at the Technical University of Moldova territory. It focuses on two main elements to increase the skilled workforce in cyber security. These are an academic program and practical laboratories, which will be launched in autumn 2024.

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