The president, in talks with the vice-president of the World Bank Group for Europe and Central Asia

Maia Sandu had a meeting with the vice president of the World Bank Group for Europe and Central Asia, Anna Bjerde. The discussions focused on the support needs that our country needs to face the crises.

“In the context of the war in the neighborhood, the head of state said that the Republic of Moldova needs support to create functional mechanisms for rapid response to crises and to reduce the degree of vulnerability of the country”, announces the press service of the Presidency.

According to Maia Sandu, the primary concern of the country’s leadership are currently energy security. According to her, the restructuring of this sector is required, in order to diversify energy sources, to be able to access them at reasonable prices, and to increase investments in renewables.


The head of state appreciated the collaboration that the Republic of Moldova has with the World Bank in key areas, such as education, agriculture, and the improvement of public services. She mentioned that, in the difficult conditions we have, it is important to strengthen public institutions’ capacities and rapidly develop other sectors that facilitate economic growth, for example, the field of IT and digitization.

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