The Touristic Chisinau: The Red Mill on the Verge of Extinction. How the History of the Capital is Slowly Ground Away

In ancient times, mills were considered almost sacred places for people as they provided one of the most important commodities – flour, used in making bread for their daily sustenance. However, in the present-day Republic of Moldova, only nine steam-powered mills remain, and two of them, located in the city of Chișinău, are on the verge of disappearing forever. The mills in question are the one on Șipotelor Street 2 and the renowned Red Mill on the street bearing the same name. In a new edition of the “The Touristic Chisinau” project, we delve into the sad history of the Red Mill.

“The first owners of this mill were councilors Gudevici and Levinski. Initially, it was constructed from wood. In 1874, it came under the ownership of Levenzon and was henceforth known as Levinson’s Mill. In 1901, a major fire engulfed the mill. Everything made of wood burned, prompting Levenzon to decide to rebuild it,” explained guide Iurie Dodiță.

Merchant Abram Levenzon made the decision to add another floor and an attic, both made of red brick, thus earning the name “Red Mill.” German machinery was brought in, and the mill became renowned throughout Chișinău.


“The Red Mill was primarily built to produce flour from various grains. It was one of the first steam-powered mills in the city of Chișinău. It operated until 1950, after which it was used as a warehouse.”

Over time, the mill fell into a deplorable state. While it still looked presentable in 2013, it is now slowly deteriorating, at risk of disappearing forever.

In light of this situation, Iurie Dodiță made an appeal to the presidents of France and Romania – countries where windmills and watermills have become tourist attractions and are protected by the state. He urged them to intervene and contribute to the restoration of the Red Mill in Chișinău, which is crumbling before their eyes.

“Mr. Iohannis, we sincerely thank you for what you have done for Moldova, for the restoration of historical monuments. I know you were the mayor of Sibiu, near which lies a beautiful village with many watermills and windmills. Here, we have a historic monument that has been unable to be restored for decades. We would be extremely grateful if you could help us,” the guide emphasized.

We now invite you to watch the full broadcast, where further details on the issue are discussed.

Project financed and implemented by Chisinau City Hall, through the Chisinau Civil Budget Program, 2023 edition.

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