The trade volume between Moldova and Germany exceeded 871.2 million euros

The total trade volume of the Federal Republic of Germany with Moldova increased last year by 5.3% compared to 2022. The data were presented today by the Romanian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK Romania) and taken from the German Federal Bureau of Statistics (Destatis).

Thus, the trade volume between the two states exceeded 871.2 million euros. German exports to Moldova amounted to 547.7 million euros, up 2 percent, while imports amounted to 323.5 million euros, up 11.4 percent.

“The reform program of the current Moldovan government is remarkable. We are convinced that it contributes to the strengthening of bilateral relations. More and more German companies are interested in Moldova as a place for business development. There is potential for cooperation, especially in the processing and food industry, energy, and trade,” said AHK Romania CEO Sebastian Metz.


Moldova ranks 95th in the ranking of Germany’s trade partners.

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