The UNIFIL-2 contingent of the Moldovan National Army in Lebanon has commenced operations

The deployment of the UNIFIL-2 contingent from the National Army to the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) has commenced.

As reported by the Defence Ministry, a transfer of authority ceremony took place at the multinational base, Sector West HQ UNP 2-3, transitioning from the Shama settlement. During this ceremony, Moldovan military personnel assumed their duties from the Armenian peacekeepers, who were previously part of the Italian contingent.

In the presence of Sector West leadership and military representatives from Italy, Armenia, and Moldova, Maxim Dmitriev, the commandant of UNIFIL-2, officially assumed command by receiving the UN flag and the responsibilities associated with the office.


The Moldovan peacekeeping contingent, consisting of 33 personnel, including three women, departed for Lebanon at the end of the previous week.

In Lebanon, Moldovan peacekeepers will be engaged in security and guard duties at military installations and patrolling their designated area of responsibility, collaborating closely with the Italian contingent.

This deployment marks the second rotation of Moldovan peacekeepers to Lebanon. The initial deployment occurred in February 2023, where they served six months.

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