Air Moldova still has to pay passengers 9 million euros for tickets. What will the state do?

Air Moldova, controlled by Ilan Shor, which has defaulted, owes passengers €9 million for tickets. This is what Action and Solidarity Party (PAS) MP Sergiu Lazarenco announced. he Parliamentarian told a press conference that the insolvency law is to be amended and passengers will have priority in recovering the money,writes

“We are talking about 28 thousand passengers, who bought 75 thousand tickets from Air Moldova but did not receive their money. The amendment of the insolvency law is intended to stop the theft from citizens’ pockets. So far only 15 companies, affiliated to the Shor group, have received their money, although the number of creditors amounts to 1000,” Lazarenco said.

The deputy said that after the amendment of the insolvency law, citizens are to receive their money among the first or, they are currently in seventh place among creditors.

“We are forced to intervene by law to stop the actions of the bandit Shor. Because he destroys everything he touches. With Plahotniuc’s help, he illegally took over Air Moldova in 2018 and destroyed it. He bankrupted it, tricked people into buying tickets on non-existent flights, and as nearly 30 thousand citizens cannot get their money back. Because Shor doesn’t want to give people their money back. Because that’s what Shor has been doing all his life, deceiving people and then stealing from them. That’s why he ran like the last coward in the country. Of course, many things depend on the courts, including this Air Moldova case,” said PAS MP Radu Marian.


Air Moldova started to face financial problems last winter and in May it suspended all its flights. Subsequently, in August last year, the airline ran out of its flight certificate due to a lack of aircraft. Air Moldova was privatized in autumn 2018 for 50 million lei by Civil Aviation Group, a company founded by two Moldovans and the Romanian company Blue Air. But the latter will withdraw, less than a year after privatization under suspicious conditions, with the 49% stake being taken over by Dzintars Pomers of Latvia.

The value of the transaction exceeded 1.2 billion lei (about 61.5 million euros), of which 50 million lei was transferred to the state budget, the rest being Air Moldova’s debts, which the investor agreed to pay within three years. Currently, AirMoldova is allegedly controlled by fugitive Ilan Shor through intermediary companies.

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