Timeless Splendor: The Enchanting World of Italian Baroque Music Comes Alive in Chișinău

In a historical context, the concert “BaRock Italian” held on Tuesday, July 18, at the Organ Hall in Chișinău was an event filled with thunderous applause and an atmosphere reminiscent of the music from the 17th century. The concert was organized by the Moldovan National Youth Orchestra (MNYO) and brought together musicians from the Republic of Moldova, Slovenia, and Spain. Through this material, you are invited to virtually experience the charm and extravagance of Italian Baroque music.

“We have performed Baroque music before, but not by playing on period instruments or by performing in an authentic or historical manner, as it is done in Europe. Baroque music is a very bright and pleasant genre to listen to. It’s curious that it has endured for so many years and is still relevant in concert programs,” mentioned Andriano Marian, the conductor of the Moldovan National Youth Orchestra.

The special elements of the event were the period instruments, which were the highlight of the evening.

Among the instruments used by the artists were the harpsichord and the Baroque guitar. “These are instruments that disappeared in the 19th century but have seen a resurgence of interest in the 20th century. I believe there is a lot of interest from the audience in the Republic of Moldova. It’s essential to have an educational aspect as well, to explain what we are doing, because that is particularly interesting – the attempt to reconstruct the past,” shared Maria Bunea, a member of the MNYO orchestra.

The uniqueness of the performance was composed of the interpretation using historical instruments, such as strings made from catgut, sheep or cow intestines, as it was common in the past. Additionally, the artists used Baroque bows, with the most crucial aspect being the manner of playing. “By including new pieces, we remind people of the times we live in and create a symbiosis between the past and the present,” narrates Marius Malanețchi, a cellist, gambist, and composer.

The event also saw the presence of artists from Slovenia and Spain, who brought their historical instruments dating back to the 19th century. Mojca Jerman, the artist from Slovenia, shared more about these instruments and her perspective on Baroque music in our country. “I am very excited about Moldova; I have noticed that it has a rich culture, and the people are very hospitable,” mentions the violinist.

Regarding the concert, Mojca Jerman told us that Italian Baroque music is full of virtuosity while being rich in various emotions. “I hope the audience will savor the variety of emotions in tonight’s performance.” For young musicians in Moldova who wish to explore this musical genre, the artist suggests being open, curious, and prepared to experience something entirely new.

The performance, with its historical instruments and authentic interpretations, painted a vivid picture of the Baroque era and allowed the audience to immerse themselves fully in the rich and captivating sounds of that time. The enchanting ambiance and the skillful musicianship of the artists created a memorable experience, leaving the audience spellbound and captivated by the magic of Italian Baroque music.


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