Top Moldovan products exported to EU countries

The European Union Delegation in Chișinău has recently released a report on the top Moldovan products that are exported to EU countries. Topping the list are electric vehicles and electrical equipment, with a value of $510.4 million.

Following closely behind are seeds and nuts at $317.5 million, vegetable oils and fats at $285.8 million, cereals at $253.9 million, clothing and accessories at $196.6 million, fruits and vegetables at $143.7 million, and furniture at $142.6 million.

The European Union is the largest market for Moldovan goods, and in 2022, exports of Moldovan products to the EU increased by 32.4% compared to the previous year, reaching $2.54 billion.

At the same time, in 2022, Moldova exported goods worth over $1.24 billion to Romania, which represents a 48.9% increase from the previous year. Italy and Germany are the next largest consumers of Moldovan products in the EU, with $331.3 million (+38%) and $230.8 million (-6%) worth of Moldovan goods exported to each country, respectively.

This report highlights the importance of the EU market to Moldova’s economy and the potential for growth in various industries. With the increase in exports of Moldovan products to the EU, the country’s economy is expected to continue to strengthen and diversify in the coming years.

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