Touristic Chisinau: The Water Tower – a True Jewel of the City of Chisinau

The Water Tower (also known as the Water Castle) is a national architectural and artistic monument of significance, listed in the Register of Monuments of History and Culture of the city of Chișinău. The building was constructed at the end of the 19th century according to a design by Alexander Bernardazzi, on the highest point of the city at that time. The museum is known as the Water Tower because, initially, it housed the institution responsible for providing drinking water to the gubernial city.

With the construction of the tower, the first sewer system in Chișinău was also established, designed during the time of Mayor Carol Schmidt. It supplied the central area of the city with water, with a capacity of 200,000 buckets of water per day.

As a museum of the city of Chișinău, the tower began operating in 1971. The height of the tower to the cornice is 22 meters. The walls are built of local stone, with several rows of brick. Their thickness varies from 60 cm at the upper level to 2 meters at the foundation.


In a new edition of the project “Touristic Chișinău,” tour guide Ion Ștefăniță invites us to learn about the history of the Water Tower, a true gem of the city of Chișinău.

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