Traian Basescu can restore the citizenship of the Republic of Moldova

Members and supporters of the People’s Movement Party of Moldova (PMP) have signed a petition to Maia Sandu asking her to return Moldovan citizenship to Traian Basescu. The head of the presidential staff, Adrian Balucel, told for Moldova 1.

According to Balucel, this requires sending an official request to the presidential administration.

In an appeal published in social networks, the PND praises the role played by Romanian politician Traian Basescu in restoring Romanian citizenship to the descendants of Bessarabians born in Romania during the war, as well as the gratuitous financing provided by the Bucharest government.

We shall remind you that Traian Basescu received Moldovan citizenship by decree of Moldovan President Nicolae Timofti in 2016. But a year later, Igor Dodon, who won the election, stripped the former Romanian president of the citizenship of the Republic of Moldova.


Traian Basescu challenged Igor Dodon’s decision to revoke his citizenship, but in 2018, the Chisinau Court and the Chisinau Court of Appeal rejected the petition of the former president’s lawyers. Maria, Traian Basescu’s wife, is still a Moldovan citizen.

Traian Basescu was president of Romania from December 20, 2004, to December 21, 2014. Before that, he was mayor of Bucharest, a member of parliament in 1992-1996, and minister of transportation in 1991-1992 and 1996-2000.

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