He won the case in court: Filip Kirkorov will be able to enter Moldova again

Russian singer Filip Kirkorov will be able to enter Moldova again. The singer won the case in court, having challenged the law banning him from entering the country, TV8 reported.

The Chisinau court number 30 of the Riscaniovca sector made the decision.

In this regard, the Border Police promised to provide details soon.

The decision can be appealed to the Chisinau Court of Appeal within 30 days from the judgment date.


Recall that a Russian artist was denied entry to Moldova in July 2022 when he was flying from Istanbul. It happened at night. However, two lawyers who defended Marina Tauber and Ilan Shor arrived at the airport soon. One of the lawyers said it was unclear why authorities barred Kirkorov from entry but claimed he was a main witness in the case against Marina Tauber.

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