Tudor Ulianovschi: The start of negotiations is a historic step! Congratulations to all those who have worked for almost two decades to open this European path

In a momentous development, the European Council has taken a decisive step by initiating accession negotiations with Ukraine and Moldova, signaling a crucial advancement toward enhanced integration. This landmark decision reflects a steadfast dedication to nurturing stronger bonds and fostering increased cooperation with these nations. This opinion was expressed by diplomat Tudor Ulianovschi, who congratulated all those who worked on it for many years.

“Today, the European Council achieved a historic milestone by granting Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova the opportunity to formally commence EU accession negotiations, subject to specific conditions. This marks a significant advancement in the relationship between these nations and the European Union.

Congratulations to the EU for knowing how to negotiate with some countries. Thus, Hungary received yesterday 10 billion EUR – the first tranche of the EU structural funds requested long ago, and the promise that it will get another 20 billion EUR from the EU budget. Countries with strong diplomats know how to impose themselves on the global and regional arena.

If it were not for the war in Ukraine and, unfortunately, the bloodshed in that country, there would not be this massive support from European forces.

Thanks to Romania, which was able to speed up the process of bringing Moldova closer to the EU by using its right of veto in the summer of 2022, when the granting of candidate country status to Ukraine alone was discussed.

It is a historic EU decision offered to several countries. The support is political for our country, and the decision is based on a series of concrete conditionalities for each country. The road is a very long one and the end of this journey will not be in 2030.

The opening of the accession negotiations proper will only be able to start in autumn 2024 or early 2025 at the earliest.

Let us reform each sector internally in the country so that we reach the “moderate stage of preparation” on all six clusters of assessing a country in the EU accession process and not be left with homework outstanding as we are now.

Do not forget that there is a difference in EU diplomatic language when the European Commission report mentions that most of the commitments undertaken by Moldova are at the “early stage of preparation.” This “early stage,” in almost all clusters of the six, must become the ” moderate stage” if we want to start negotiations on all 35 chapters.


The pro-bonus credit was offered to both countries, but first of all, Ukraine was taken into account on this issue. We had a historic opportunity – Moldova hung like a wagon behind the train and managed to travel this part of the road in Ukraine’s “train.” But further “gifts” will not exist, and the professional abnegation of those who will lead this ship of negotiations with the EU in the early stages will be evaluated in less than two years.

Congratulations to all those who have worked for almost two decades to open this European path!

Thank you, Ukraine, thank you, Romania, and, thank you, EU!!!” – Ulianovschi said.

Tudor Ulianovschi began his diplomatic career in 2005 and was Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration from 2018 to 2019. The diplomat was appointed to the post of Minister from the position of Permanent Representative to the UN Office in Geneva and Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Currently, Ulianovschi serves as the First Vice President of the multinational company “Grasshopper Energy” and the “Mission 2050” fund. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the National Renewable Energy Association of Canada and a member of the Central and Eastern European Business Association of the United States. Tudor Ulianovschi succeeded in 2018 in promoting a historic document for Moldova at the UN: “Resolution on the withdrawal of Russian troops from the Transnistrian region.”

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