Nikorasong with live music recitals, traditional carols, special dishes, and bonfires. Castel Mimi is waiting for you at the “Christmas Eve Dinner”

Castel Mimi invites you to celebrate Christmas Eve in the company of your loved ones at a festive meal with delicious dishes and a magical atmosphere. On 24 December, you will be greeted from the entrance with the aroma of mulled wine and cinnamon, and traditional carols performed by the Bolbocencele Ensemble will take you back to the winters of yesteryear, with lots of snow and childhood emotions.

Be ready to dance to the rhythms of live music performed by Acoustic Band Nikorasong, who will play two recitals in Castel Mimi Wine Bar, starting at 20.00 and 21.20. The artists have included in their repertoire the most beloved international and local Christmas hits, which you will hum along with the musicians.


Traditional dishes combined with European gastronomy will be served at the dinner, and wine produced at Castel Mimi and awarded in international wine competitions will be poured into glasses.

Children will be excited to come out to the bonfire and bake marshmallows by the Christmas tree in the Castle courtyard. The winter holidays are special, thanks to the festive decor and lighting inaugurated at Castel Mimi.

Christmas is magic! Christmas at Castel Mimi is magic!

More details you can find here.

Adult menu price – 1500 lei

Children’s menu price – 350 lei

Reservations by phone – 0 (62) 00 1893

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