EU Anthem at the Parliament Session of the Republic of Moldova: Igor Grosu Reflects on a Momentous Event

Today’s session of the Parliament began with a solemn gesture in the context of yesterday’s decision by the EU Council, which gave the green light to the start of accession negotiations for the Republic of Moldova. The head of the legislature conveyed a congratulatory message, after which the deputies honored the anthem of the Republic of Moldova and that of the European Union.

“We have experienced a significant event, a historic decision that we have been waiting for many years. The European Council has adopted the decision. Along this path, I thank you for the efforts made, for the laws we have adopted, and for the endless discussions arguing how important the opening of the accession process is as a step in the process of full integration. I thank the officials of the Parliament and the Presidency, who have done an enormous job and prepared reports and documents. I also thank the citizens who believed in us. With a solemn gesture, please honor the national anthem of the Republic of Moldova and that of the EU,” declared Igor Grosu at the beginning of the session.


It is important to note that yesterday, the vote for Moldova and Ukraine was given by EU leaders without Viktor Orban being in the room. The Prime Minister of Budapest criticized the agreement reached by European leaders in his absence, stating that Hungary did not want to be involved in this irrational decision.

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