U.S. Grants Additional $13.4 Million to Boost Economic Growth in Moldova

A grant of $13.4 million will be additionally provided by the USA for the economic growth of the Republic of Moldova. The non-repayable financial assistance granted by the Government of the United States of America to the Government of the Republic of Moldova for sustainable economic growth anchored in European integration will be increased by $13.4 million.

The Foreign Policy and European Integration Committee approved the advisory opinion, which envisages the initiation of negotiations and approval of the signing of an amendment to the Agreement concluded between the USA and our country.

As a result of the increase, the total value of non-repayable financial assistance will reach $406 million.

The additional grant is offered to strengthen trade, exports, investments, and workforce improvement. At the same time, support will be provided for the rural environment and sectors not based on technology, such as sustainable and ecological agriculture, tourism, and viticulture.


Financial resources will also be used for workforce development and entrepreneurship.

This Assistance Agreement between the United States of America and the Republic of Moldova was signed in 2016. To date, non-repayable assistance totaling over $392.7 million has been provided, and $93 million has been utilized.

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